Srilanka: Household computer ownership

If a desktop or laptop is available at a household then that household is considered as a computer owned household. The Table 1 shows the percentage distribution of computer owned households by Sector/ Province levels. In 2014, at least one computer is available in 22% of households of the country. That is one out of every five households is having a computer. This percentage is about 36% in Urban Sector and Rural and Estate Sector show 20.4% and 4.6% respectively. The highest availability is in Western province (33.0%) while the lowest availability is reported from North Central. Over the survey periods from 2004 till 2014 overall percentage has increased sharply from 3.8% to 16.6%.

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ලංකාවේ 20%කට පරිගණක – නවතම අධ්‍යන වාර්ථාවක් කියයි by Sampath Samarakoon

@Computer Literacy Statistics – 2014
Department of Census and Statistics
Sri Lanka