Archive of #WCY2014MR: A youth focussed Twitter Q&A with the President

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On the occasion of the, the President Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa announced media he would have, and not for the first time, a Twitter Q&A on Thursday, 8th May at 11.30am. We archived the entire conversation, conducted under the hashtag #WCY2014MR.

At the end of the session, a data visualisation of the tweets posted to the President looked like this. The image shows that while many opted to ask the President a question by addressing him on Twitter ( is a verified account) many others opted to just use the #WCY2014MR hashtag.


Soon after the President concluded the Q&A session, a little over an hour after it began, the archive featured over 1,300 unique tweets, and a combined total, with retweets, of close to 3,000 tweets for the session.


Revealingly, not a single one of the most retweeted questions during the session, posed to the President by three leading journalists in Sri Lanka, were answered.


The questions were,

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